Style de Vie

"McDonaldization and Its Precursors"

*From the Iron Cage to the Fast-Food Factory

"Recreation can be thought of as a way to escape the rationalization of daily routines. However, over the years these escape routes have themselves become rationalized, embodying the same principles as bureaucracies and fast-food restaurants…. take today's vacations. For those who wish to visit Europe, a package tour rationalizes the process. For those who wish to escape to the Caribbean, these are resorts… that offer many routinized activities and where one can stay in predictable settings without ever venturing out into the unpredictability of native life… People can even remain within their RVs and enjoy all of the comforts of home - TV, VCR, Nintendo, CD player. With little or no way out, people do live to a large extent in the iron cage of rationality… Faced with Max Weber’s image of a future dominated by the polar night of icy darkness and hardness, I hope that… you will consider the words of the poet Dylan Tomas ‘Do not go gentle into that good night… Rage, rage against the dying of the light’." - Ritzer, John (1996), The McDonaldization of Society, Pine Forge Press: Sage, London.

Sissy Sigioultzi-Roukas is Going Out!
Follow her...

April, 2013
Greek Hospitality! 
"Chez Kalliopes et Nikolas" -  Peraia, Thessaloniki, Greece
Nikolas is the fisherman! Kalliopes is the lucky chef!  

April, 2013
Old Time Classic Bar! 
"LAZARISTES " -  21, Kolokotroni str, Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, Greece
Nice Taste! Excellent Service!

  The Taste of Socializing! 
"Canteen" - 7,  Dimitriou Gounari str, Thessaloniki, Greece.
A. Tountouri, Ch. Lyberopoulou, S. Sigioultzi-Rouka,
F. Papandreou, E. Aspridou-Kyriakopoulou.

March, 2013
Art Cafe! 
"RIDEAUX" -  Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
Η Ελένη, ο Κωνσταντίνος και τα αγαπημένα τραγούδια τους!
Ηθοποιοί, Μουσικοί, Θεατές όλοι μια ζεστή παρέα!

March, 2013
Thessaloniki Sky Sea View ! 
"Electra Hotel" - Thessaloniki, Greece
Sissy Sigioultzi-Roukas with Christina Lyberopoulou.
What a magic view!!!
Thessaloniki our beloved city and birthtown!

March, 2013
Out In the School! 
German School of Thessaloniki - Greece
City Center - Nature - School...
Early coffee in the school!
A friendly way to start your day!

March, 2013
Welcome Spring! 
"Piece of CAKE" - 19, Xrysostomou Smyrnis str, Thessaloniki, Greece
What a sweet evening in the center!
What a cozy serving attitude!
Thessaloniki city center!

  Gastronomia Italiana! 
"Electra Palace Hotel" - Plateia Aristotelous, Thessaloniki, Greece
Restaurant "Horizontes": F. Papantreou, J. Roukas, S. Sigioultzi-Rouka

  El Buritto! 
5,  Chrisostomou Smyrnis str, Thessaloniki, Greece

Cantina Mexicana & Cocktaileria!
Happy People - Excellent Service!
We'll be back soon!

  Gastronomia Italiana! 
"The Excelsior Hotel" - 10,  Komninin str & 23 Mitropoleos Av., Thessaloniki, Greece

Excelsior Taste & Service!
Excelsior Atmosphere!
Excelsior Live Music & Song!

  Cocktails and More! 
"Canteen" - 7,  Dimitriou Gounari str, Thessaloniki, Greece.

lychee ++++++
ginger +++++
lights +++++
 "Cocktail is a stimulating liquor,
composed of spirits of any kind,
sugar, water and 

  W.C.C. Nights! 
Chez-nous! Thessaloniki, Greece.

Wine, cheese and sausage have gone hand in hand for centuries!
Read the complete story published by SSR on "Storylane"...

Christmas Tunes! 
"Cinque Terre" wine bar  -  4, Victor Hugo str, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Live music!
Friendly environment!
Having a great time!
Not forget to mention that still prices are still high...
Attention: now people look for cost effective solutions nowadays...
either we develope our kitchen (taste, look, originality)
or  low the cost ...

  Retro Tunes! 
Coq au Zen, Bistro -  37, Valaoritou str, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Excellent deco!

  Christmas Prive! 
Daios Hotel - 59, Nikis Avenue, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Excellent Taste!
Business, Glamorous and Friendly!
High quality service! One heart for me!!!
Nice View and Great time! Let's Celebrate!

  Light Dinner! 
La Place Mignonne - 4, Ethnikis Aminis street, Thessaloniki, Greece.


Secret Afternoon Coffee! 
Leontos Sofou Street, Thessaloniki, Greece.

When you look for tranquility with style!

Morning Coffee Meets History! 
"Terra Antiqua" museum art Café  -  6, Manoli Andronikou street, Thessaloniki, Greece.

One of Thessaloniki's beauties!

What a Jazz Night! 
"Cinque Terre" wine bar  -  4,Victor Hugo street, Thessaloniki, Greece.
We decided to go out for wine and good music...
Our friend Fanny told us that this place has real Jazz
and original wine labels... 
And here we found Dimos Dimitriadis!
The man who saxes from Thessaloniki!
An international musician,
Music Studies Prof. in Ionian Uni.,
He studied jazz saxophone, flute and composition
at Berklee College of Music and Vennington College.
Among his teachers - mentors are major figures such as
Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, Bill Dixon, Joe Viola, Jerry
Bergonzi, George Garzone, John Purcell and Hal Crook.
He is sec. of  jazz international educational organization.
and awarded the Fulbright Artist/Scholar Grant (2007).

The wine bar has interresting labels from around the world,
though prices are still heavy in relation to the place itself
and greek actuality.
Chile:  A country with great wines...
The one we tasted was ok!
More effort is needed with wine assortments,
italian style dishes and fresh bread ...
Remember "be original" and "less is more"!
Now the place is fully booked.
Let's Jazz it! We'll be back soon!
Thank  you!!!